Global recruiting campaign for Prysmian Group

Make It

Global recruiting campaign for Prysmian Group


Make It was conceived as an innovative employer branding and international recruiting campaign utilizing Facebook and LinkedIn, with a view to increase brand awareness and engagement.

The campaign ran for two years, with Lifonti & Co. providing support in terms of producing quality content (articles, videos and ADV). The main thrust of the launch was thru LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and content aggregator as Outbrain.

YEAR 1 – The first year was pitched as a challenge ("Engineers, will you step up to the challenge?") which opened the door for emphasizing the various challenges one could tackle with an engineering or technician career at Prysmian Group.

YEAR 2 – For the second year, we took an even more cerebral approach, transmitting a warmer message, "Embrace the Blue" to underscore the innovation and inclusiveness that permeates Prysmian. The international training and professional growth offered by the world leader in cable systems was also emphasized.

We enlisted the brains and skills for Content Creation of our group partners, Cabiria BrandUniverse – for concept and design and Social Content Factory for videos and additional support.

Results achieved

22.000+ applications received (total) 

Increase in social network followers +14% (Facebook) and +6% (LinkedIn)

+17% website hits and review of company content