Media relations, digital content marketing


Communicating Sustainability straddling two decades

Media relations, digital content marketing


Comunicare la sostenibilità a cavallo di due decenni

Lifonti & Company’s relationship with E.ON started back in 2007, initially temporarily outsourced under the direction of their Corporate Communications dept after an unexpected battle ensued with Italy’s largest energy conglomerate, Enel Group, for control of Endesa, Spain. Over the years, we have managed all the corporate communications for E.ON at various levels with one constant focus: media relations.

Our work has added value to E.On’s brand capital, especially in the eyes of the 2000+ employees, customers, regulators, and media outlets covering its market presence and growth.

We have seen our relationship evolve from a simple outsourced communications function to providing a full range of services, with Lifonti & Company part of event organization and plant inaugurations (such as the next generation Livorno Ferraris gas a ciclo/recycling center), to handling critical issues as they arise around the country, to creating and placing ad campaigns internally and externally, as always, under the auspices of our sister company, Cabiria BrandUniverse.

The successful launch of the company’s "We Hate Waste" campaign was an important initiative for promoting and supporting their green approach and sustainable energy sourcing.

In parallel to the above activities, we also took on the digital presence of former CEO Péter Ilyès.

This led to the creation of our unique Social CEO program under a concise LinkedIn editorial plan which puts a face to the role of the CEO, especially for a company such as E.ON. Focusing on Leadership, Innovation and Sustainability initiatives, we posted a regular bi-monthly conversation with Ilyès weighing in as an authority on these key topics of interest.

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A positive repercussion of the company’s increased visibility was the uptick in search engine results and SEO off-site through link building, another facet of our work for E.ON.

We continue our communications oversight for energy generation in 2023 and beyond, and with their new CEO at the helm of this exciting company.