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Digital content marketing, eventi, media relations


Attivare l'interruttore della brand communication 4.0

BTicino and Lifonti & Co. have been collaborating for years with 360º stakeholder engagement the outcome. The case history touches on all forms of communication: content – both online and in-person, cross-channel and even cinematography to reach customers and new audiences.

As part of our content strategy, we conceived and produced a bold and highly successful video series of branded content, in collaboration with our group partner, Social Content Factory. We brought to life different storydoing scenarios to place BTicino products in real-life scenarios, with our consultancy and online content creation services bringing edutainment to promote sustainability as well.

A Fine Mystery - 2017

We were behind the concept, production, dissemination and management of full-scale media blitzes for the avant-garde video series, Il Mistero Sottile – The Subtle Mystery whodunnit, featuring branded product placement.

Along with group partner, Social Content Factory, we developed the very first video series for YouTube, Il Mistero Sottile, starring renowned actor Giorgio Pasotti in this online thriller. It is still recognized today as one of the finest examples of online branded advertising in Italy.

Lifonti & Co. were responsible for the social media strategy for the series launch and each stage of development and management of the release. An Instagram page was created @ilmisterosottile populated with other stories and features to help followers solve the mysteries.

The series was launched to national media with a number of exclusive in-person events, which Lifonti & Co. orchestrated and invited select media attendees.

Our work brought us to formulate the online Videostrategy® for BTicino’s newest smart thermostat, Smarther, producing tailored video content for its launch success.

Then, the success of this initiative led to the most ambitious operation and what would be a major achievement for both Lifonti & Co. and BTicino: the series launch of The Time is Now, part of BTicino’s exciting Living Now featurettes.

The Time is Now - 2019

Imagine: 10,000 electricians seated inside 27 cinemas across all of Italy. By way of satellite hook-up, they are about to witness something truly special – a branded fiction starring actors Laura Chiatti and Alessandro Fella.

The plot: A new piece of technology is stolen. A madcap adventure ensues, with the item retrieved thanks to the heroics of our dynamic duo. The finale…a totally unexpected scene whereby the screen fades to black. Suddenly, appearing live, is the protagonist Laura Chiatti, seen delivering the prized briefcase containing the new piece of technology into the hands of the company CEO who then opens the case and reveals what it is.

Then, at each location, a sales manager takes the stage to present to the attendees the technical features of this new piece of technology. A parallel event is held with key journalists, also in a mini-cinema, to have a front-row seat to the entire product launch.

The complexity of orchestrating this highly unique launch event was managed by Lifonti & Co.; a process involving cinema locations, screen techs, and the training of 27 different teams from the production and sales staffs. The event was produced by our partners, with Social Content Factory responsible for video production and capillary branding conducted by Cabiria BrandUniverse who organized all aspects surrounding the live feed and direction and satellite transmission. Lifonti & Co. oversaw the overall organization and media relations and social media dissemination along with the 10 return feeds from each of the movie houses.

The final outcome was a time-to-market of just 2 hours for the launch of a truly revolutionary product, one that raised the bar in establishing an entirely new standard for the home electrics industry.


Naturally, Lifonti & Co. fully capitalized the success of the BTicino launch by curating extensive editorial coverage with its dedicated media relations team.