BTicino's first branded content webseries

A Fine Mystery

BTicino’s first branded content series

The branded content web series devised by Lifonti & Co. took the form of a mystery series called A Fine Mystery (Il Mistero Sottile in italian). It followed the life of lawyer Claudio Terranegra, who was left a widower after the death of his wife in dubious circumstances. After a mysterious woman appears at his new house warming party, he comes to think that his wife’s accident may not be what he was led to believe.

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The web series output was highly produced, cinematographic quality, enriched by famed actor, Giorgio Pasotti. In it, the protagonist handles a number of BTicino solutions to uncover clues; a case of introducing a variety of products to do what they were made for. The end result was curated plot placement, which proved far more effective than simple product placement opportunities.

The trailer dropped on 14 December 2016, one week prior to the pilot episode. The six-episode thriller would be released on a weekly basis (from Dec 20, 2016 to Jan 24, 2017). During this time period, a clue would drop every day on a dedicated Instagram page. To increase public engagement, customers were invited to win prizes in contests having to do with the previous episode. To find the solution, followers needed to watch the episode at least twice.


Il Mistero Sottile touched on all the intense emotions and plays on light and dark of any thriller. It played off BTicino’s incredible ability to devise the perfect ambience for every room. The series, shot with all the cinematic techniques of a thriller, would be played out in installments on Facebook and YouTube channels and a series website.

Promotionally, different target audiences were attracted according to segmentation of the two principle channels, Facebook and YouTube. With two wholly different audience demographics, BTicino was able to offer a good balance in terms of engagement. Given the homogeneity of the BTicino product offer, further breakdown by sex or individual features was uncalled for.

To attract audiences currently renovating, Lifonti & Co. devised a dynamic targeted promotion. Furthermore, proactive management of social media sites allowed the company to buttress the viral effect of the videos.
Indeed, to launch the trailer like a real film and boost visibility, the original trailer was released in 357 Italian movie theaters, all part of the UCI Cinemas network.

For the press conference launch, a special event was held at a space designed as an ad hoc movie theater at Archiproducts Milano.

Campaign Results:

6.501.000 views on Facebook and Youtube

2.150 comments on Facebook and Youtube

93% positive sentiment

2.795 total shares on Facebook

Technical KPIs:

+110% brochure download

+116% technician research